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Organizational Committee

ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITTEE: To formulate bylaws, guidelines and structures by which this organization can operate, day-to-day, at Conferences and elsewhere, maintaining the World Service Manual by adding Conference approved changes that should be distributed to the fellowship in the first quarter of the year following the Conference.

Hospitals And Institutions Committee

HOSPITALS AND INSTITUTIONS COMMITTEE: To provide assistance and guidance to individual
Fellowships as well as service Groups that initiate hospital and institutional activity.

Common Welfare Committee

COMMON WELFARE COMMITTEE: The WSC Common Welfare Committee reviews, edits, and submits literature to the WSC for approval, through the 12 point literature approval process. This process may be found in the Committee’s guidelines. It is our function to facilitate the expression of our fellowship’s honesty, openness and willingness through the writing of material for distribution.
The literature we deal with is of the following types:
A. The proposed item will expand the inventory of materials adopted by the Fellowship and aids membership in an understanding and application of the Twelve Steps of Pills Anonymous and the Twelve Traditions of Pills Anonymous.
B. The proposed item carries the message of P.A. to the addict who still suffers.
C. The proposed item supplies valuable information to the professional fields with whom addicts would most likely come in contact.
D. The proposed item clarifies the nature of addiction to the general public and fellowship.

Convention Committee

CONVENTION COMMITTEE: The purpose of the World Service Convention is to promote enthusiasm and unity within the Fellowship of Pills Anonymous and financially support World Service efforts to carry the message. The purpose of the WSC Convention Committee is to:
Provide a World Service Convention for members of Pills Anonymous; Create uniform bidding guidelines;
Assist the convention (host) city in all aspects of resources and convention information; Provide guidance with budgeting; and Create World Service Convention guidelines, structures, and policies.

Public Information Committee

PUBLIC INFORMATION COMMITTEE: In all public relations, P.A.’s sole objective is to help the still suffering addict. Always mindful of the importance of personal anonymity, we believe this can be done by making known to the addict, and to those who may be interested in their problem, our own experience as
individuals and as a Fellowship in learning to live without pills.
We believe that our experience should be made available freely to all who express sincere interest.
We believe further that all efforts in this field should always reflect our gratitude for the gift of sobriety and our awareness that many outside P.A. are equally concerned with the serious problem of addiction.
The Public Information Conference Committee develops, initiates, and plans the means of communication to the public, which is presented to the Conference for Fellowship approval.

Conference Committee

CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: The purpose of the WSC Conference Committee is to organize the
World Service Conference, which includes:
A. Hotel selection and negotiation;
B. Preparation of the agenda;
C. Preparation and review of the minutes from each Conference for distribution;
D. Compile the Delegate packets; and
E. Develops policies and procedures for the Conference.
The WSO and its Board of Directors is responsible for negotiations of contracts related to the Statement of Purpose of the Conference Committee. This includes WSC hotel contracts and taping contracts, which will be coordinated with the Conference Committee.
A subcommittee of the Conference Committee also serves as the Conference Coordination subcommittee. This subcommittee assists in all aspects of Conference planning. This subcommittee shall be chaired by the Conference Coordinator. The Conference Coordinator is responsible to the Conference
Committee and the Conference as a whole for meeting the requirements of the statement of purpose of the Conference Committee. The Conference Coordinator shall not be a voting member of the Conference. The term of service begins with the end of the Conference during which he/she is selected and ending at the end of the second successive Conference.

Chico, CA “Chicos Got Hope” Time & Address Update

CA – Chico (Open)
Tuesday 5:30-6:30PM
New Vision Church
1600 Mangrove Ave (In the Mangrove Square at W 5th & Mangrove Ave)
Chico, CA 95926

2014 PHX PA Picnic

The 3rd Annual
Pills Anonymous Potluck Picnic
Sponsored by the Tuesday “No Refills” PA Meeting

North Mountain Park
Yavapai Ramada
10600 N. 7th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85020

2014 PHX PA Picnic Flyer

Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Regina, Saskatchewan (Closed meeting except first Sunday of the month)
Sundays 7:00-8:00PM
4506 Sherwood Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
Linda K. 306-790-7389

Ordering Books

You may now purchase the fellowship’s book, “There is a Solution“, directly from PA in quantities of two or more. We do not charge tax or shipping on these orders, and all proceeds from all sales go to Pills Anonymous World Service. Click on the link below to send an email to us with:

  • Your email address if different from where you are contacting us from
  • The number of books you would like to purchase

We will send you an invoice and ship upon payment.

Please click here to email us to order books!

Currently, paperback copies can be purchased here:
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There is a Solution is available through Amazon.
This does not constitute an endorsement of Amazon, and we will have more choices for purchasing the book in the near future.