Common Welfare Committee

COMMON WELFARE COMMITTEE: The WSC Common Welfare Committee reviews, edits, and submits literature to the WSC for approval, through the 12 point literature approval process. This process may be found in the Committee’s guidelines. It is our function to facilitate the expression of our fellowship’s honesty, openness and willingness through the writing of material for distribution.
The literature we deal with is of the following types:
A. The proposed item will expand the inventory of materials adopted by the Fellowship and aids membership in an understanding and application of the Twelve Steps of Pills Anonymous and the Twelve Traditions of Pills Anonymous.
B. The proposed item carries the message of P.A. to the addict who still suffers.
C. The proposed item supplies valuable information to the professional fields with whom addicts would most likely come in contact.
D. The proposed item clarifies the nature of addiction to the general public and fellowship.