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World Service Conference Delegate

The Delegate’s Job is a Spiritual One!

1. Conference Delegates are required to have a working knowledge of the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions, the Twelve Concepts of Service and the World Services Conference Charter.

2. Attend the World Service Conference (WSC) prepared, in order to be able to vote knowledgeably. Every Conference Delegate, after his or her election, will notify the World Service Office (WSO) in order to be placed on the mailing list and to receive all  Conference materials, which require several hours of study.


3. After the Conference, the Delegate transmits the information back to his or her  individual Group. It is important that the information about the WSO and WSC be passed on with enthusiasm, encouraging the continued health and growth of P.A..

4. Delegates shall encourage their Groups to generate funds to help support World Services.

5. Delegates must be prepared to attend World service meetings. They must understand the issues in their Groups to be better able to present them to the Conference.

6. Delegates cooperate with WSO by providing local meeting schedules and local P.A. information numbers.

7. Delegates provide P.A. leadership by helping to solve local problems involving the P.A. Traditions. In the spirit of this leadership need, it is suggested that, if possible, Delegates and Alternate Delegates not hold any other service commitments at the Group level.

Further, in the spirit of rotation, wherever possible, Delegates should only serve one term and not consecutive terms.

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