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Structure of Pills Anonymous

Pills Anonymous is not organized in the formal or political sense. There are no governing officers, no rules or regulations, no dues or fees.

However, the need for services to pill addicts throughout the world is very important to the Fellowship. Inquiries from both within and outside the Fellowship have to be answered. Literature has to be written, printed and distributed, and requests for help followed up with.

The main service body of the Fellowship is P.A. World Services, which will be centered at the World Service Office, where employees and service volunteers will maintain communications with local Groups and with persons outside the Fellowship who turn to P.A. for information on the program of recovery. P.A. Conference-approved literature and chips will be prepared, published and distributed through this office.

The World Service Office will be responsible to the World Service Board of Trustees.

The P.A. World Service Conference, which will consist of Delegates from P.A. Groups throughout the Fellowship, Trustees of P.A. World Services, and World Service Office Directors and staff members, will meet annually, and provide a link between the Groups within the Fellowship and the Trustees who serve as custodians of P.A. Traditions and interpreters of policies affecting the Fellowship as a whole.

Formal organization is kept to a minimum at the local Group level. The Group may have a limited number of “officers” whose responsibilities include, but are not limited to, arranging meetings, providing refreshments, handling the Group’s budget, and maintaining contact with the local service organization.


The principal of consistent rotation of responsibility is followed by all P.A. service positions. Positions in the local Group are rotated according to a vote of the Group.

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