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Here are the twenty questions designed to determine if you are a pill addict:

  1. Has your doctor, spouse or anyone else expressed concern about your use of medications?

  2. Have you ever decided to stop taking pills only to find yourself taking them again contrary to your earlier decision?

  3. Have you ever felt remorse or concern about taking pills?

  4. Has your efficiency or ambition decreased since taking pills?

  5. Have you established a supply for purse or pocket or to hide away in case of emergency?

  6. Have you ever been treated by a physician or hospital for excessive use of pills (whether or not in combination with other substances)?

  7. Have you changed doctors or pharmacies for the purpose of maintaining your supply?

  8. Have you received the same medication from two or more physicians or pharmacists at approximately the same time?

  9. Have you ever been turned down for a refill?

  10. Have you ever taken other peoples pills with or without their permission or obtained them illegally?

  11. Have you taken the same pain or sleep medication for a prolonged period of time only to find you still have the same symptoms?

  12. Have you ever informed your physician as to which pill works best at which dosage and had them adjust the prescription to your recommendations?

  13. Have you increased the dosage, strength or frequency of your pills over the past months or years?

  14. Are your pills quite important to you; e.g., do you worry about refills long before running out?

  15. Do you become annoyed or uncomfortable when others talk about your use of pills?

  16. Have you or anyone else noticed a change of personality when you take your pills, or when you stop taking them?

  17. Have you ever taken your medication before you had the associated symptom?

  18. Have you ever been embarrassed by your behavior when under the influence of your pills?

  19. Do you ever sneak or hide your pills?

  20. Do you find it impossible to stop or to go for a prolonged period without your pills?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, then our experience would indicate that you may be one of us.


Reprinted and adapted with permission from There’s More to Quitting Drinking than Quitting Drinking by Dr. Paul O.

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